I'm Diego

Anonymous asked:
Hello do you speak japanese?

Ecchi. Baka. Hentai.

I don’t really.

Anonymous asked:
how to login diego

You gotta find my password first baby. 😉

Went to six flags today and saw this hardcore guy.

Went to six flags today and saw this hardcore guy.

How can I get a girlfriend???

You can do whatever you want! Do you really neeeeeeed a girlfriend?

Anonymous asked:
how can I forget my ex boyfriend?

Ah forgetting the ex. You will never truly forget your ex. Especially if it was a bad one. What I do is get rid of everything that relates to the ex. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but do what you can.

Diego gets tailored

I have this navy pin striped suit from H&M that I have been meaning to get tailored for the past… 3 years. The reason I bought it in the first place was to cosplay as the blue spy from Team Fortress 2.


Three years ago, I also didn’t care much about men’s fashion and the “fit.” I put it on recently and was embarrassed on how huge it was on me! 

I forgot to take a picture of the jacket, but here are the pants. So long, many breaks. 


Nowadays, I tend to go for one or no breaks on my pants. (Breaks are basically how many times the pants bunch up when the rest on your shoes. No breaks means there are no bunches and it usually involves showing shocks, considered a very modern style) I asked for half an inch above my shoes so I can show some sock. Also, because my pants are made of a more thicker material (wool), I asked for cuffs as well. Just like how you roll up your jeans, a tailor can do it to your pants permanently. I saw this in an old GQ magazine and haven’t had the right pants to try them on, until now. I asked for a cuff that was an inch and a half. This cuff weighs down the pants a bit to keep the crease on your pants

When I finally got my suit back, the change was obvious. 



Suits aren’t the only thing that can be tailored. I have a problem with shirts off the rack. Because of my big chest, when I wear a small, the buttons near the chest area often pop out. If I wear a medium, the neck and chest fit fine, but I’m swimming in extra fabric.

What the tailor could do was tighten the abdominal area and arms. As the pins pulled the fabric back, I could already see a difference. 

Fit has always been important to me. If you are getting your first suit, always plan on getting it tailored. For example, in H&M pants are sized only by waist. They will be long for most people, especially if you are short. Get them hemmed/cuffed/whatever. Get those sleeves on your blazer/jacket shortened as well. You want to be showing some cuff. Get it taken in as well. It shouldn’t be skin tight but it should mold to your body. 

Fit fit fit!

Anonymous asked:
Why am i handsome

It’s a hard life I tell ya.

Anonymous asked:
do you like the color blue?

I love the color blue band red! A lot of my outfits have some hint of either color. I have blue shoe laces lol

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